Drawing Biennial 2019

Adrian Haak
Belongs, silverpoint on panel, 30 x 18.5 cm, 2019

I am pleased to share the happy news that I have one again been asked to participate in Drawing Room’s 2019 Biennial Exhibition. It is their major fundraiser and culminates in a two-week, online auction, 11 – 26 March.
Here’s the link to the drawing I’ve contributed: https://drawingroom.org.uk/drawingbiennial2019/drawing/belongs
From there you can view the other 225 drawings. There are loads of good works this year, so please browse the site and take a look. You can also find  information on how to bid, too,  if something catches your eye.
If you are in London anytime from now until 26 March, stop in and see it. It’s a great chance to see an impressive range of works by some very talented contemporary artists, and I am very pleased to be exhibited with them.